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Purchase assessment of goods

Please sell second hand medical equipment.

"Hospital officials" "Medical equipment dealers" "Leasing company" If you need medical equipment, please contact us. I will buy high price.

  • CT · MRI · Angiography · Large size equipment related to X-ray
  • Equipment such as endoscope / ultrasound diagnostic imaging equipment
  • I want to dispose of old equipment for closing, relocating, and replacing
  • There is a thing with price even for medical equipment not in use anymore
medical equipment picture (Ophthalmology Endoscopy CT)

Purchase assessment

  • STEP 1Please feel free to contact us first

    When considering sale / assessment, please contact from the following.
    ※ For example, we have a track record of purchase assessment with equipment of MRI 1.5T or more with over 20 million. Please feel free to contact us first.

    Please call us

    +81-4-7199-7461 +81-4-7199-7460

    Office Timing(JST) : 9:00 - 18:00

    1215, Izumi, Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture 270-1456


    +81-4-7199-7461 +81-4-7199-7461


    Download Our FAX Form
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  • STEP 2Start free assessment

    We will assess for free according to customer's convenience.

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  • STEP 3Presentation of purchase price

    Purchase assessment amount We will present a quote.

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  • STEP 4Negotiation is established

    If you are satisfied with the purchase assessment amount, business negotiations will be established.

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  • STEP 5Delivery / payment

    We will check the convenient date and time, we will pay out, purchase amount.

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